All of OLANDO`s projects around dance draw on Olando´s long standing experience as a professional dancer and choreographer. The Dynamic Dance Studios in Hanover became a home of dance. Here Olando and his team are coaching kids, youngsters and adults who enjoy dance as a leisure time sport. Besides a variety of dance classes, exclusive and holistic fitness programmes such as OZO-Fit yield a lot of fun and the opportunitity to return to a healthy lifestlye. Yet, the deliberately composed courses also fit a challenging training for professional dancers. Those who are more passionate and ambitioned about dance are certainly at the right spot. There is a variety of master classes (offered by Dynamic Dance Studios or Dance2Bstrong) and show group trainings (embedded in the activities of [blaekstar] Entertainment) that will open the door for further oportunities and a development in the world of dance, music and entertainment.
Based on his last dance experience and in combination with his African roots, Olando developed a peculiar coaching technique. By the help of this technique already a number of dancers were able to sharpen their own dance style from good to great. According to Olando´s years of observation and experiences in the field of dance, music and entertainment, an excellent dancer is made up of more than talent: „It takes a lot of discipline, focus, the identification of individual assets and good advice.“ Olando offers his services concerning the latter through personal coaching. Moreover professional dancers, musicians and other artists in the field of performing arts have the possibility to register in his agency [blaekstar] Entertainment or his certified vocational training license2dance.
Based on his personal international championship experiences and his background as a coach for various dance groups, Olando accepted the offer to become the official licensee and director of the Hip Hop International Germany dance events (https://www.facebook.com/hhigermany/).
Whoever wants to experience Olando´s exceptional training and coaching techniques outside of Hanover should register for Olandos´s Workshops .

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